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Husband and wife portrait session

"I'll Be Coming Home Again to You, Love
And 'til the Day I Do, Love
P.S. I Love You"

The Beatles, P.S. I Love You

Hello! We’re Hondu and Jacqueline Knight, the husband-and-wife founders of Oh, Darling Imagery. Our dreamy self-owned multimedia house is built on a shared love of retro visuals, timeless music, and traveling. Our company name was inspired by the Beatles song Oh! Darling and encompasses our love for anything vintage. We are the proud parents of a rambunctious weenie dog named Otis (after Otis Redding) and a regal 3-legged cat named Lieu (short for Lieutenant Dan). 
The two of us met through a mutual friend at Hondu’s work in 2016, and as the Counting Crows said, we quickly fell “Accidentally in Love,” so Jacqueline walked down the aisle to that very song when we got married in February of 2023. You’ll find that we see the world through the lens of a mid-century daydream, and we hope to bring that classic style with a modern twist to your special day.

Female wedding photographer looks through camera
Jacqueline Knight

Whether you want to go out for a nature walk and discuss random plants and critters or stay in and shed some tears over the plot of a romantic novel like The Notebook, Jacqueline will be your best friend. Originally born in Fort Lauderdale, she’s lived all over the place before landing in Orlando in 2014. Jacqueline has a knack for capturing small details with her photography and has some of the best flat-lays around. 
Jacqueline’s experience with event management and data visualization make her perfectly suited for staying organized and on track for what you want out of your big day. In her spare time, you can catch her sipping coffee, snuggling her pets, listening to Counting Crows, trying to convince Hondu to drive up to Georgia to see where Vampire Diaries was filmed, or possibly doing all of those things simultaneously.

Hondu Knight

From filming skateboard and music videos with his friends to playing the drums for various bands, Hondu’s DIY approach to photography, videography, and music made it only logical that he would co-found a creative business. He sees everyday life as if he’s looking through a camera and trying to pinpoint the perfect shot, which has helped him excel at catching candid, natural moments with people and animals. 
Originally from Madison, Alabama, Hondu has called Orlando home for the last 12 years. Besides photography, he enjoys drumming, cooking, and watching sports. On any given day, you can probably find Hondu drinking an iced chai, eating a cinnamon roll, and trying to convince Jacqueline that Mike Trout is his best friend. Because he is.

Male wedding photographer and videographer looks through camera
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